قصص سكس Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge
I was nineteen at the time of this story, newly married with stars in my eyes. Then I found out the “cocksucker” as I refer to him now, had cheated on me. I began to plot my revenge and this is the story of that revenge.
My name is Lee and I live in a very small town in the middle of no mans’ land. I had several men friends at the time who were gay or at least bisexual, and they came in very handy.
The “cocksuckers” retribution had been coming for awhile. I was his second wife, young, relatively sexy, naive, and vindictive as hell.
I had planned this revenge for two weeks with the help of three male friends, Mike, David, and Sam. I personally had relationships with all of these guys. They were big, good looking, and had larger than average cocks.
Before I go any further, you should know that the “cocksucker” was completely homo-phobic, and I had given him alot of crap over it. This revenge would become the ultimate revenge.
Friday night I convinced him we needed to go to the local bar and have some fun. Reluctantly he went with me. I had arranged for my three friends to meet us there. After several hours of drinking together I suggested we go back and continue at our house. My three friends were all up for it and by this time my husband was so drunk he was up for anything. We returned to our place and sat down in the living room after we had a few more beers,I excused myself to go to the restroom. I knew that while I was gone my friends would begin with our plan.
After several minutes I returned to the living room to see my husband completely passed out on the couch. My friend Mike said, “We put that shit in his drink and he is completely out,let’s get him into the bedroom.” Mike, David, and Sam proceeded to take him into the bedroom and undress him. They laid him on his stomach on the bed with his lily white ass in the air. I knew I was going to enjoy this!
All three guys already had their clothes off and huge hard cocks ready. I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and handed it to David, the big blonde adonis. His cock was the smallest of the three, just over eight inches long and very thick. David took the lube and smeared some on the “cocksuckers” ass to ready him. He climbed on top and put the head of his beautiful cock in my husbands ass. He pumped back and forth a couple of times then shoved his cock in balls deep. It was a very sexy sight.
As David ripped open my husbands hole I decided that the other two cocks shouldn’t have to wait. “Lets have some fun guys,” I said to Mike and Sam.
We joined David on the bed. My husband was not even moving. I knew in the morning he was going to be very sore from the brutal pounding he was receiving in his asshole. Mike got down between my thighs and began to lick and suck my clit while Sam put his giant cock in my mouth.
Sam had the largest cock it was over ten inches long and about two inches in diameter. I had always loved fucking him, the saying “hurts so good” always came to mind. I sucked his giant cock down my throat, he grabbed the back of my hair and began pumping that cock in my mouth.
I could see David fucking my husband’s ass and at the same time Mike was licking my hot, wet pussy he slipped a finger in my asshole. I came instantly. I told Sam it was his turn to fuck the “cocksucker”.
David rammed his cock deep in my husbands ass one last time and climbed off. His cock was immediately replaced by Sam’s hefty cock. I watched in fascination as he slid into my unconcious husbands’ ass.
By this time I was so fucking horny and turned on, that I decided I needed a cock in my cunt and one in my ass. I had David lay down on the bed and I lowered myself onto the monster of a cock that had just invaded the enemys’ ass.
My pussy felt so full at this point I had another orgasm. Mike moved behind me and put some lube on my ass. I have always loved the feel of a hard cock in my ass and knew this new sensation of one in each of my holes was going to be incredible. Mike slipped the head of his cock just past my anal ring. He pumped gently in and out to let me become accustomed to the sensation. I told him,”Fuck me and show me how you are going to pound that bastards’ ass!” At this suggestion he rammed that beautiful cock deep in my ass and David did the same in my hot pussy. They fucked me so hard and fast I could barely think. I had never been so full of cock in my life. I decided at that moment, I would always crave this sensation.
I watched Sam ram his cock in my husbands’ ass for several more minutes before I completely lost all train of thought. His balls slapping my husbands’ balls. His huge cock ramming in and out of my husbands’ tight virgin asshole. I looked away to concentrate on all the sensations going on in my own body.
I looked back over and noticed that Sam was watching us as he slammed into the “cocksuckers” ass. I smiled at him and told him to cum in the bastards ass so he would feel it when he woke up. This made Sam cum almost instantly, he kept ramming load after load of sticky hot cum in my husbands asshole. At the same time David and Mike were cumming and filling me with their warm cum in both holes. I screamed out my orgasm and we all laying silently except for hard breathing.
“I will never be able to repay you for this guys,” I said. Their mutual smiles told me the evenings events were more than enough payment. As they got dressed and left, I daydreamed about just how much fun it was going to be telling that homo-phobic bastard that not one but two of my friends had fucked his ass as he lay unconcious and unaware.
I also would enjoy telling him that while it was happening and I was watching I was being fucked by two hard cocks at the same time. I sighed, “Sweet revenge”
The End

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