قصص سكس Sexual Healing

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Sexual Healing


My parents had changed. I could feel it. I could see it in their appearance and in their behavior. Only three months ago they were fighting constantly. Their problems got so bad that they had to start seeing a marriage counselor. I figured that it was because of the ten-year age difference between them.
My dad was a very handsome man and in a very good physical shape. At thirty-six he was ten years younger than my mother. My mom was also in good physical shape and she looked at least ten years younger than her age; but from what I overheard when they fought she did not need as much sexual attention as my dad did.
I felt sorry for my dad. The poor guy was frustrated and did not know what to do. He would come home with flowers and wine and still would get into a fight with my mom at the end of the night. He was so frustrated that he started asking me for advice, his eighteen-year-old son. As awkward as it was at the time I am glad that he did that.
“I don’t know what to do anymore buddy,” he said to me once with tears in his eyes. “It’s so tough to have a beautiful wife, knowing that she doesn’t want you anymore.”
“Well dad as you may have noticed I’m no Romeo myself,” I replied to him, “but you could use some help from a marriage counselor or therapist or whatever they call themselves these days.”
My father’s face lit up at my suggestion. I could see hope in his sad eyes. He told me that he would do that depending on how willing my mom was to go see a therapist with him. Well I guess that my mom was as willing as my dad to solve their problem because the very same week they went to their first session with a therapist. They did that for a couple of weeks until I saw the first major changes in my mom’s appearance and behavior.
She started dressing in sexier outfits and got blonde highlights in her beautiful brown hair. She started acting like a teenager in heat around my now very happy dad. They would kiss openly right in front of me and at nights I could hear them fuck passionately in their room.
After a while they started spending Friday nights away from our home and when they got back on Saturdays around noon they looked happy and exhausted. They were very openly sexual with each other, and me being a shy teenager always ran away when I saw where their flirting was going to lead. I was a shy boy and admittedly a bit sexually confused. I liked girls very much, but I also liked looking at my schoolmates’ naked bodied in the shower.
I had only one girlfriend in my entire eighteen years of existence, but she was more of a plutonic love interest than a lover. Yes I was a virgin and being extremely shy I was in no hurry to lose my virginity. I was waiting for the right time, the right girl or boy. My mom and dad started fucking with their bedroom door completely open, and I would jerk off to the sound of their passionate lovemaking.
“Buddy I don’t know how to thank you for your advice,” said my dad as we were having breakfast once. “Your mom and I went to a marriage counselor and she introduced us to an unconventional sexual therapist.”
“Yes honey,” my mom said looking directly at me with her fiery brown eyes. “Her name is Gina and she has changed our lives profoundly.”
“She is coming to stay with us tonight,” my dad continued. “We were thinking maybe she could help you out too.”
“Yes baby. We will ask her tonight if she can help you get over your shyness,” my mom said with a smile.
“Yes son. You are so young and handsome. But you are so shy. You are wasting your youth. One session with Gina and you will be a completely different man,” my dad said very seriously.
“I…I don’t know dad,” I replied shyly, “I’m glad that she has helped you guys. But I seriously don’t know.”
“Oh don’t worry about it honey,” my mom said, “leave it to your father and me!”
As shy as I was I was extremely excited about my parents’ offer and concern. They were going to set me up with their therapist, the woman who had worked magic with their own relationship. I was shy but not a fool. I had no idea what they were going to tell her and what she was going to do for me, but I was still very excited.
Gina walked through our door at around 6 pm. As soon as I saw her my heart melted like an ice cube on a hotplate. Gina was probably thirty-years-old. She was tall with beautiful legs, long blonde hair that came all the way down to her perfectly shaped butt and big firm boobs. Her eyes were sky-blue and she had the cutest full lips. She smelled like a rose garden and her voice was mesmerizing.
That is what a good and successful sexual therapist ought to look like, I thought to myself. She walked gracefully to my mom and dad and kissed each of them passionately on their lips. Then she turned to me.
“Oh you must be Nick,” she said in her enchanting voice and kissed me on my mouth. “You are so much more handsome than I’d imagined.”
I was so thrilled by the unexpected kiss that I could not utter a single word.
“Oh you’re so cute, look at his face he’s turned completely red!” Gina told my parents and they all looked at me with smiles on their faces.
As shy as I was I still could not look away from this Nordic beauty. Her golden hair seemed to glow with a source of energy of its own. This was the perfect woman. No other woman could compare to her eternal beauty. I had no idea what to do, to stay there or to go upstairs to my room. I stayed.
“I absolutely adore your house,” Gina told my mom. “It’s so nice to be here. Of course you know that I’m here as your friend not as your therapist. So whatever we do tonight is not necessarily by the book.”
“Oh that’s very nice of you Gina,” my mom said to her, “but we insist on paying you for tonight’s session.”
“Oh no way Angie,” Gina replied, “I really like you and Dave. So let’s not waste anymore time and go to your bedroom.” Then she turned to me and said, “Do you want to come and watch Nick?”
What the fuck? What could she ever mean by that? I was trying to find the right words. But what were they? Yes I want to watch my parents and you fuck each other’s brains out? No I can’t possibly do that? Yes I would love to? No I can’t? It was too late.
They had already started going upstairs to my parents’ bedroom. I was left alone in the living room like an idiot. I went to the kitchen to get a nice cold drink. My mouth was dry and my heart was beating fast. The thought of seeing my mom and dad…and Gina naked sent shivers down my spine. I was so hot. Even the coldest drink did not have the power to cool me down. What the hell were they doing upstairs? I had to find out.
I started climbing the stairs. I heard loud moans coming from my parents’ bedroom.
“Yeah suck your hubby’s beautiful cock Angie,” I heard Gina’s voice urging my mother. “Yes that’s it honey!”
I felt my cock moving in my shorts. My dad had a beautiful cock and my mom was sucking it right now, with Gina at their side, guiding them and telling them what to do! This was out of this world, a dream perhaps. No I should not picture my dad’s “beautiful” cock, or my mom’s pretty mouth wrapped around it. I should chase these forbidden thoughts away. But I most definitely could not!
The door to my parents’ bedroom was completely open. I stood outside their bedroom, unable to move. My beautiful mother was sucking passionately on my father’s big cock. Gina was right; it was a beautiful cock. Gina was completely naked, so were my mom and dad, she was fondling my dad’s big balls as my mom sucked his cock. Gina raised her head for a few seconds and gazed directly into my eyes; she smiled.
“Now start fingering his asshole Angie,” Gina told my mom. “Remember how much he likes that?”
Gina lowered her head and spat a few times on my mom’s fingers before she inserted them into my dad’s asshole. My dad’s eyes were closed and he was moaning with pleasure. He was stroking my mom’s lustrous hair with one hand and Gina’s golden hair with the other one. My cock was throbbing painfully in my shorts. I had to let it out. I unbuttoned my shorts and let my cock free from my shorts and underwear. It was still throbbing although I doubted that it would get any harder or bigger than it already was.
“Oh look at your son’s cock guys,” Gina said to my surprise and both my parents found me standing by the door.
I had no idea what to do. I wanted to run away and hide in my room, but my legs were weak. My mom after a short pause started pumping her fingers in and out of my dad’s asshole again, though she was still looking at me. No, she was looking at my hard cock. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock. My dad smiled at me.
“Come closer to the bed son,” he said in a kind tone, “there’s no reason to be shy anymore. You can stroke your cock while you’re watching us. It’s ok!”
My mom definitely agreed with my dad because she started pumping his asshole harder and sucked his cock faster than before. Gina looked at me and smiled.
“Come on over here baby. Take your clothes off and get on the bed right next to me,” she told me lustfully.
I obeyed her as if I were hypnotized. After I dropped my clothes on the floor I sat next to her on the bed. She told me to spread my legs wide open and face her. I did as I was told again. Gina moved me to the center of the bed and told my mom and dad to sit at each side of me.
“You guys sure that he’s a virgin?” she asked my mom and dad and they nodded yes. “Ok then I will first give him a hand job. He will be too sensitive to last more than a second inside my pussy right now!”
She leaned over my cock and spat on it. A big glob of saliva landed on my hard cock. Then she wrapped her exquisite fingers around it and started stroking slowly and gently.
“Tell me baby, why are you still a virgin? Don’t you like girls?” she asked me softly.
“Umm yeah. Oh your hand feels so good on my cock!” I replied.
“But tell me honey, you like boys too! Am I right? It’s ok to tell me the truth. You are naked on a bed with your hot parents. It’s ok!”
“Umm ok. Yes I like cocks too. I mean I like girls more than boys, but I like to feel a cock in my hands, my mouth and maybe even my ass!”
“Look at your dad’s hard cock. Do you want to touch it? Do you want me to rub your dad’s strong cock on your nipple?” she said as she grabbed my dad’s cock in her hand.
I swallowed hard and said, “Oh God yes…he has a gorgeous cock!”
Gina started rubbing the tip of my dad’s cock on my stiff nipple. Some pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and it felt fantastic on my nipple.
“Do you want me to slap your face with this big cock?” she asked me but did not wait for me to answer the question. She started slapping my dad’s cock on my lips and cheek. “Take your tongue out and lick it like a good boy!”
I stole a look at my dad’s face. He was looking at my face and had a smile on his. I took my tongue out and carefully licked the tip of his cock. My mom’s mouth closed around my nipple and she started sucking it noisily. I took it as a sign of approval from her. It was important to me that my parents approved of what was going on between us. They obviously did.
“Ok are you ready for this? I’m going to shove your dad’s cock into your mouth now. I want you to suck it for me baby,” Said Gina and pushed the tip of my dad’s cock into my cock hungry mouth.
I felt the texture of my dad’s thick cock with my tongue and closed my lips around it. My dad started to moan softly. Gina went back to stroking my cock.
“Angie, come on over here baby. I want you to finger your son’s tight asshole for me!” Gina ordered my mom.
My mom got in between my legs and put her fingers in her mouth, but Gina stopped her.
“No Angie, I want you to spit directly into your son’s asshole. That way it’s more fun for both of you!”
Gina lifted my butt from the bed and told my sexy mother to put her mouth directly on my asshole.
“Now stick your tongue up his asshole Angie. That’s it. Good girl. Spit into it. Push your ass into your fucking mother’s face Nick. Yeah, this is so fucking hot. Oh my God!”
My dad’s cock in my mouth and my mom’s wet tongue up my tight asshole; I was in Heaven! Gina was stroking my cock harder and faster now.
“Finger his fuckinng asshole now. Do it hard with three fingers all the way up his asshole, and suck on his balls. I want to make him cum hard!” Gina directed my mom.
My mom power fucked my asshole with three fingers as directed by the sexy therapist. I was sucking my dad’s cock harder too. He suddenly grabbed my head and started pumping my mouth with full force. After just a few thrusts he grunted and shot his hot cum inside my mouth. My own cock started shooting cum in Gina’s hand. My mom’s face was covered with my thick and creamy cum. Gina started licking my hot cum off my mom’s face and spitting it into her mouth.
My cock was still hard. Gina held it up and helped my mom straddle it. Her pussy felt hot and wet as she lowered it down on my shaft. My hot mother was riding my cock. I could not believe it. She went up and down my cock forcefully. Gina stroked my mom’s hair and put her hand on her swollen clit. Her mouth took one of my mother’s nipples in and she sucked on it noisily.
“Oh my fucking God! I’m cumming on my son’s God damn cock!” my mom exclaimed as she climaxed on my hard shaft.
She collapsed on top of me. Her big breasts felt wonderful upon my chest and she kissed me deeply on my mouth.
“Ok guys, it’s my turn to cum. Angie I want you to lick my pussy. Dave put your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you hard again, and Nick…you help your mother!” came the orders from our hot therapist.
My mom lay in between Gina’s spread open legs and started sucking and lapping on her beautifully trimmed pussy. She told me to take her clit in my mouth and suck as hard as I could. I loved the taste of her pussy. I instinctively started biting gently and sucking on her enlarged clit. From time to time I would stop and kiss my mom, licking Gina’s tasty pussy juice off her face.
Gina came, and she came hard. She pushed her pussy into our sucking, licking and biting mouths. Then her body went stiff for half a minute as she announced that she was cumming again.
“Wow, that was great. You are a fucking natural at this Nick!” she said with a content smile on her face. “Do you still want to try a big cock up your ass? I think I have one ready for you right here!”
“I sure do. I just hope that it doesn’t hurt too much.”
“Oh don’t worry baby, I won’t let your dad’s cock hurt you. Trust me!”
As I lay on the bed Gina and my mom lifted my butt again. They started by spitting a lot into my asshole and with their loving fingers they worked their hot saliva all the way up my hole. My dad got into position in front of me. He also contributed to the ladies spitting frenzy. Then my mom and Gina each inserted two fingers up my asshole and started fucking and stretching it. This went on for about fifteen minutes until Gina announced that I was ready to take in my dad’s big cock.
Gina grabbed my dad’s cock and put its tip on my anus opening. She pushed the tip gently in and it went past my already stretched opening without a problem.
“Ok Dave, push your cock gently up your son’s asshole. Very slowly.” Gina told my dad.
I did not expect his big cock to feel so fucking good inside me. When his cock was all the way in it massaged my prostate and my cock got immediately harder than steel.
“Are you ok buddy?” my dad asked me worriedly.
“Yeah I’m fine dad. Start fucking me now. I want you to fuck me hard. I love the way your cock feels up my asshole!”
He started fucking me forcefully. My dad was a wonderful ass fucker. He fucked me with short strokes, long strokes and half strokes, changing his tempo as he fucked away. Gina played with my balls as my mom sucked my hard cock. My mom looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes from time to time. The bored housewife was no longer present in her. She was a hot and sexual vixen now.
Gina moved down to my face and started kissing my mouth. Her kisses were wet with her hot saliva. She opened my mouth with her fingers and spat into my mouth at least a dozen times. I drank her saliva eagerly and wanted more.
“Oh God…look Nick! Your fucking hot parents are fucking the shit out of you. Is it cool or what?”
“Yes Gina…oh mom I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Shit!”
At the same time as I shot my load into my mother’s mouth my dad announced that he was cumming. He filled up my asshole with his hot juice.
“So guys now you see why I’m here as your friend and not a therapist. I never recommend incest to my clients. But it’s way too fucking cool not to recommend it to my good friends!”
My dad woke me up by smacking my lips with his hard and heavy cock. I also felt my hot mother’s tongue licking my big balls. Gina was gently stroking my stomach and looking at me with a smile on her pretty face.
“Good morning handsome,” she said with her musical voice. “Open your mouth and let your dad fuck it for you honey.”
I did as the sexy therapist told me. My dad grabbed the back of my neck and pushed his cock into my open mouth. He started fucking my mouth with passion. Gina took one of my hard nipples into her mouth and started sucking it.
“That’s it Dave. Fuck your sexy son’s mouth. I can tell how much both of you love it,” Gina urged my dad.
My mother was taking my balls into her mouth, first one by one and then both of them at once. Her nose was resting on the bottom of my cock and I loved the feeling of her hot breath on the underside of my sensitive shaft. I started moaning as Gina reached out for my cock with her warm and tender hand, stroking it very gently.
“Yes baby. I know you like this. The three of us will make you cum like you’ve never cum before. Just relax and enjoy the treatment,” she told me lovingly and then continued sucking my nipple.
My mom was now licking my asshole. Her tongue went up my hole as far as it could. The feeling of her wet tongue swirling inside my asshole was out of this world.
“Angie, look at your son’s face. Isn’t it beautiful the way his sucking his dad’s cock?” Gina asked my sexy mother.
“Mmm, fuck yes. Gina may I ride his cock? I really want my boy’s big cock up my pussy!” my mom replied.
“Ok honey. You can fuck him just a little bit. Don’t make him cum, we’re saving that for much later.”
Gina held my hard cock upright as my mom straddled it. I felt the hot wetness of my own mother’s pussy as she slowly lowered herself on me. When my cock was finally all the way up her hot pussy, my mom tightened her vaginal muscles around my cock and started clenching it.
“Oh God, I love your cock up my pussy baby. It’s so fucking hard and big. I’m going to ride you hard now, but if you feel that you’re about to cum please tell me and I’ll stop, ok?”
She did not wait for my reply and started riding my big cock like crazy. She started moaning and breathing heavily as she rode me. Gina let go of my nipple and took one of my mother’s nipples in her mouth instead. At the same time she started rubbing my mom’s clit with two fingers. I watched my mother ride me while the sexy blonde played with her to help her cum on my cock faster as I sucked my father’s big cock.
“Fuck him Angie. Ride your son’s cock faster. Cum on it baby. Cum all over it!” Gina urged my mother.
“Oh fuck! I’m cumming on your cock Nick. I’m cumming so fucking hard!”
I felt my mother’s pussy loosen and tighten around my cock as she lay motionless on top of my body. Her juices flowed around my cock as she started kissing my lips, forcing me to stop sucking my dad’s cock. I kissed her back and played with her soft hair. Then Gina joined us and started kissing both of us. She made my mom open her mouth and started spitting into it.
“Swallow my fucking spit you sexy bitch. Swallow every drop of it. It turns me on so fucking much. Dave come over here and spit on this bitch’s face!”
My dad joined us and started spitting on my mother’s flushed face. Gina licked up his spit and spat it into my mouth.
“Gina, can I fuck his ass now?” my dad asked our perverted therapist.
“No Dave. You need to give him a good rimming first. Get your tongue up his asshole and lick as hard as you can. Then you need to spit and finger his asshole for a few minutes.”
My mom rolled off of me and let my dad get his face in between my legs. He lifted my butt and got into the business of rimming my asshole at once. His rimming was harder and more masculine than the one my mom had given me. I absolutely loved it. He licked and sucked my tight asshole for a few minutes then Gina ordered him to start fingering me. When he had two fingers up my stretched asshole Gina joined him and slid two fingers alongside my dad’s. My mom was now biting and sucking my nipples for me and played with my cock at the same time.
“Ok Dave. He’s ready. I want you to fuck the shit out of him now!” Gina ordered my dad.
My handsome father put a pillow under my butt, aimed his cock at my asshole and pushed it up inside me with one powerful thrust. At first I could not breathe. The pressure and pain were too much to handle. Gina told my dad not to move inside me until I got used to his intrusion. We were all motionless for about a minute.
“Fuck him now Dave. Show him no mercy. Fuck your son’s tight asshole as hard as you can. I want you to cum up his asshole really fast!”
My dad started banging my asshole with such power that his face turned red. His big balls banging and slapping against my butt cheeks each time he went all the way inside me.
“Raise your head Nick and suck your dad’s nipple. I want you to make him cum fast. Clench his cock with your asshole if you can!”
My dad was sweating all over me now as he fucked me hard and fast. He was a man on a mission. Gina and my mom were cheering him and urging him to go faster and fill me up with his hot cum. He finally slowed down and started grunting. I felt his hot cum fill my asshole. I loved the sensation of the hot fluid filling up my hole.
“Ok baby. Now it’s our turn to cum. I want you to fuck me now. My pussy is all yours. You can take your time fucking me. Do it anyway you want. I’m all yours!”
These words were music to my ears. I asked Gina to take my place on the bed and spread her legs wide open. I could not believe this hot blonde woman was all mine to fuck anyway I wanted. I wanted to see her pretty face and kiss her as I fucked her senseless. She lay in a half-sit position, balancing herself on her elbows. I started kissing her full lips as my cock entered her hot and very wet pussy. When my cock was all the way inside her I asked her to fuck it for me. She started milking my shaft by contracting her muscles around it.
“Oh fuck Gina. I think I love you!” I whispered sincerely to her.
“Oh you’re so sweet baby. Do you like the way I’m milking your cock with my pussy?”
“Shit Gina. I love it. You’re so fucking hot!”
All of a sudden Gina’s sweet face got covered in sperm. I had not noticed that my dad was jerking his cock watching us fuck. I kissed her and licked my dad’s hot cum off her angelic face. I started pumping Gina’s pussy furiously and she bit and sucked my nipples very hard in return.
“Oh God I love watching you two fuck. It’s like you were made for fucking each other,” said my mom as she reached out for Gina’s pointy breast and fondled it lovingly.
Gina started grinding her swollen clit against the base of my shaft each time she raised her hips to meet my thrusting cock. My dad was now behind me and he slid two or more fingers up my asshole. I stopped moving inside Gina and she took over the action by fucking my cock as hard as she could. Then she let out a faint cry and announced that she was cumming. Both of us came at the same time. Her pussy was pushing against my cock and my mother reached out for her clit and pinched it between two fingers. As my hot cum filled up Gina’s pussy I felt her squirt juices all over my balls and stomach.
“Oh my God. Look honey. She’s fucking squirting all over you!” my mom announced delightfully. She then leaned forward to take Gina’s clit between her teeth.
I took out my cock and squirted more cum on my mother’s face. Gina also squirted more pussy juice and covered my mom’s face and hair with it. My dad suddenly put his face on the blonde angel’s pussy and started lapping and licking passionately as my mom still sucked and bit her clit.
“Oh fuck! I’m cumming again…” screamed Gina and squirted one more time all over my parents’ faces.
With their faces drenched in cum and pussy juice my mom and dad kissed each other lovingly. I lay beside Gina and embraced her warm body.
“Oh Nick. You and I are going to have so much fun. I have plans for you and I guarantee by the time I’m through with you, you will be the best lover who ever walked the Earth!” Gina said to me with a smile and kissed me.
Two days later I was invited to Gina’s parents’ house for dinner. Gina warned me though that there was hardly going to be any actual dinner. Her mother was a very attractive blonde woman in her mid-fifties. She had big boobs, a slightly plumb but very nice figure and was very charming. Her dad was sixty-years-old and had the ragged looks of a handsome sailor or cowboy. He also had blonde hair, a handsome grey mustache and a very muscular and fit body. Before they even said hello to me they took turns kissing me deeply on my mouth. Gina’s mom Clara put her hand on my pants and started rubbing my erect cock through them. Her husband Gio went behind me and pulled my shirt up and threw it on the floor. Gina stood there watching her parents undress me with a smile on her face.
“Oh look at the cock on this handsome boy Gio. Look at his fine young body. My pussy is so wet it’s dripping,” Clara announced with much enthusiasm.
“Bend over and spread your legs my boy. I need to fuck your nice and muscular ass. Gina honey. Get the lubricant from the bathroom and make his hole ready for my cock.” Gio ordered his daughter.
A minute later I felt the cool lubricant filling my tight asshole followed by Gina’s intruding fingers. Clara started kissing me and stroked my cock. Then I felt Gio grabbing my hips with his firm grip and his big cock entered my asshole.
“Take it easy on him daddy. He is new to this. His own father has fucked him only three times.”
“I don’t give a fuck Gina. I am going to pound his ass hard and he better get used to it fast!”
Gina’s dad followed his words with strong action. He started pounding me hard and fast, showing absolutely no mercy. Clara started undressing in front of me and then sat on a sofa spreading her legs. Her blonde bush was wet with droplets of pussy juice. She ordered Gina to kneel in front of her and to lap on her pussy. Gina undressed and did as she was told. Her pretty tongue lapped at Clara’s large pussy lips while her fingers fucked her mother’s pussy hard and fast.
“Oh fuck. You are the best pussy eater I have ever had Gigi. Lick my fucking clit too. Yeah that’s it my angel. Make mommy cum hard. Fuck the pretty boy’s ass harder Gio. I want to see your cock come out of his mouth! Yeah harder, that’s it honey.”
Gina’s face was wet with her sexy mother’s pussy juice. Every now and then she would stop to watch me get fucked by her brutal father, but Clara would grab her hair and push her face into her pussy again.
“Gigi I’m fucking cumming baby. Fill the boy’s ass with your cum Gio. Cum with me. I’m fucking cumming!”
As Clara’s body tensed under Gina’s expert mouth, Gio filled my asshole with his huge load of hot cum. He grabbed my hips harder and stayed all the way up my asshole for almost a minute until his cock unloaded the very last drop of cum.
“Now go fuck my hot wife boy. Gina has told us that you can fuck like a pro. I want you to prove it to my slut of a wife!”
Gina moved to her mother’s side as she grabbed my hard cock and placed it on her pussy. I looked directly into Clara’s dreamy blue eyes as I thrust my cock up her hot pussy.
“Oh fuck. Oh shit. Fuck me baby. You’re so fucking handsome and young. I love it. Fuck me hard honey!”
Gina took her mother’s long and erect nipple in her mouth and started sucking noisily. Clara reached out for both my nipples and started pinching and twisting them between her fingers. Then I felt Gio’s hands on my hips once more.
“Don’t move for a second. I am going to fuck you again while you fuck my wife. Here it comes!”
His big cock filled my entire asshole once more. It was double pleasure: I loved the feeling of a big cock pounding my asshole and massaging my prostate as I pounded that hot pussy. Clara came twice on my cock before I had to squirt my sperm up her pussy. After I was done it took her husband five minutes of hard fucking to fill my asshole with his hot and gooey sperm again.
“God that was a nice appetizer. Now let’s go to our bedroom to fuck the shit out of this boy!” Clara announced playfully.
Once we were on the huge bed Clara ordered me to sit on her daughter’s face and let her suck her father’s cum out of my asshole. As Gina sucked eagerly on my asshole her parents started sucking my cock. One of them would suck the tip of my cock while the other one licked my shaft and balls and then they would switch. It took them about two minutes of expert sucking and licking to get me all hard again.
“Ok Nick I want you to spread your legs and sit here…yeah now put your nice cock on top of my husband’s. I want to suck two cocks at once.” Clara instructed me.
She rubbed our big cocks against each other. My balls were resting on top of Gio’s warm and big balls. Clara started taking our cocks into her mouth, slapping them on each other from time to time and spitting on them.
“Nick baby. I want you to fuck my dad now. Then my mom and I will take turns riding his shaft as you fuck him.”
Then Gina took my cock and guided it up her dad’s asshole. It was the first time I was fucking a man’s ass and it felt wonderful. The older man looked at me and smiled with pleasure as I started moving my big cock inside his hot asshole. Then Gina straddled his cock and impaled herself very gently on it. She started riding her own father’s cock. She moved up when I pumped my cock in and down when I pulled back. She balanced herself by holding on to my shoulders.
“Yeah Nick that’s it honey. Fuck my daddy’s asshole. Daddy I love your big fat cock up my pussy. Your little girl is gonna cum all over your big cock. Oh God…I’m fucking cumming!”
“Oh my little angel. Yeah that’s it. Squirt all over my cock and balls baby!”
As soon as Gina was done cumming her mother replaced her. She held on to my shoulders as well and I started sucking on her big warm boobs. Gina played with her mother’s clit as she rode Gio’s cock harder and faster.
“Oh God. Fuck my husband pretty boy. Fuck him harder. Shoot your cum all the way up his hot asshole. I’m gonna cum too. God damn it…I’m cumming!”
Gio clenched my cock with hiss anus and I finally shot my cum. Clara dug her fingernails into my shoulders as she came too. We finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted. We needed a while to recover from all the hard fucking, but the night was still young.
A few days later Gina introduced me to her best friend, Mitra and her children. Mitra was a Persian beauty. She was thirty-five-years old with long and wavy black hair, a knock out body, delicious big breasts that had stiff dark nipples. Mitra lay on her bed as her handsome son Cyrus fucked her with his big cock. I was fucking Gina doggy style right next to them. Mitra’s daughter, Mina lay on the bed with her legs spread wide in front of Gina. Gina lapped on the pretty girl’s dark pussy as I fucked her very hard from behind. Mina’s head was resting on her mother’s arm and she reached out and cupped her mom’s breast with her little hand. Mina was very petite and had the dark good looks of her mother.
“Oh Mina. Your pussy tastes so salty. What have you been eating you naughty girl?” Gina asked the girl teasingly.
“Shut up and lick me faster Gina. Yes bite my fucking clit. You know how much I love that!”
I pulled out of Gina’s pussy and put my face on Mitra’s pussy. As I watched her son fuck her pussy passionately I took out my tongue and started licking the hot woman’s clit. Then I made Cyrus stop fucking his mother for a moment and took his pussy-drenched cock into my mouth. After I sucked his cock clean I put it back into his mother’s pussy and continued licking her clit as he resumed fucking her.
“God yes Nick. Lick my clit. Fuck me harder baby boy. Mommy loves your big cock so fucking much. FUCK ME!”
“Nick come over here and fuck this hot slut for me a little bit,” Gina asked me.
I stopped what I was doing and moved over to Mina’s side. I positioned myself between the hot teenager’s legs. As I pushed my cock up her pussy Gina put her hand on my abs and pushed me back.
“Not her pussy baby. Her hot box is mine. I want to eat her as you fuck her ass,” said Gina as she grabbed my cock and guided it up Mina’s extremely tight asshole.
“Oh Fuck Gina you slut, his cock is too big for my ass. What the hell are you doing to me?”
“Shut up bitch. Don’t play innocent virgin with me. You know that you’ve had bigger cocks up your shithole before!”
Gina lifted the girl’s butt and made her push herself up my intruding cock as she started lapping on her dark pussy. She ate her pussy with such force that I thought she would actually bite it off of her and swallow it. Mina was screaming with pleasure and pain now. I followed Gina’s lead and fucked the girl as hard as I possibly could. Watching us, Cyrus picked up his pace and fucked his mother with such force that the woman screamed loudly.
“Oh my fucking God. I’m cumming all over my son’s cock. Oh God. I’M CUMMING SO HARD…OOH!”
Then Mina’s body tightened and she came hard into Gina’s devouring mouth. Gina’s pretty face was drenched in hot pussy juice as she smiled at me with satisfaction. I pulled out of Mina’s tight asshole and lied down on my back, spread my legs wide open and invited Cyrus to come and fuck me. The handsome boy accepted my invitation eagerly and positioned himself in between my legs. His cock was already lubricated with his mother’s sticky pussy juice and slid up my asshole easily.
“Yeah fuck me man. Fuck me like you fucked your mother. That was so fucking cool!”
The three women gathered around me as Cyrus started fucking me hard. They kissed me, played with my nipples, sucked and stroked my cock as the handsome boy pounded my tight asshole.
“Oh fuck. I’m gonna shoot my cum up your tight asshole Nick. Here it comes…FUCK!”
As soon as Cyrus pulled out of my asshole Gina mounted my cock. Mina and her daughter guided my cock up Gina’s hot asshole and helped her ride my cock. They fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as she rode my cock like crazy with her asshole.
“God Gina I’m cumming up your asshole you pretty slut. I’m FUCKING CUMMING!”
“Oh Nick. I’m cumming too. Shoot your hot cum up my asshole baby. FILL ME UP!”
After Gina came she collapsed on top of me. She kissed me tenderly and lovingly. I pulled her hair back from her beautiful face and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I was such a lucky guy

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