قصص سكس My Indecent Proposal

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It hasn’t been new in the internet for me to find a lot of stories that happens in the office atmosphere, but until the day came I never knew it was all true and all bosses have the itch to lay their female employees one day or the other. To cut short the long story short, I am an entrepreneur owing my private shipping and loading company who recently developed a crush on my personal secretary, Stella.
With a huge list of clients from across the country, I had developed a lot of social contacts and the job demands a lot of my energy all the day. I guess that is why I never had the urge to settle with a wife which might hinder my growth but it didn’t stop me from having fun with sophisticated call girls. But, of late I have lost interest in them but instead wished to settle down with my own private slut. It was in the right moment that my personal secretary Stella fell into my vicious eyes.
Stella, my trusted assistant who takes care of my business dealings and knows more about my transactions than I do, such an obedient girl.
Standing at 5′ 2, she looked petite but her pouty lips, full round breasts and shapely hips made her look drop dead gorgeous. A guy wouldn’t pass her without taking a second glance.
I never had the urge to commit a sin by bedding my secretary but unfortunate events led from one thing to another. And, here she is entering her bedroom in her own house as I sat in the bed. Her husband was anxiously waiting outside knowing his wife is about to be fucked by her boss. He was helpless and a born cuckold, I feel so cause he never tried to fight back much when I made the indecent proposal!
Why was she willing to submit herself to me? Why would she agree to let me fuck her brains out when she could have simply rebuffed me?
Stella didn’t had a choice as she was trapped like an experimental rat because of her no good husband. Without her knowledge, he used her transaction password from the company’s account and stole nearly 200,000 dollars. That was when she came to me, with tear filled eyes and devoid of all hope.
“Sir, I really didn’t mean to do it. I was so careful but now all the money has been spent by my husband. Please forgive me and I will pay it with my salary within an year or so,” she almost begged and that was when I lost my control.
I couldn’t stand looking at my beautiful secretary wet, perplexed and of course, incredibly sexy pleading me to forgive her. But, why should I?
“No, Stella. Even though, I wish to help you you I am in urgent need of the money as all other savings are stuck in the business. Please arrange the money at the earliest. I will give you a week’s time.”
My voice was stern and I had a gleeful grin inside my mind as I knew it is near impossible for it happen. My instinct didn’t fail me as she returned after a week.
“Sir, I am really helpless. But, I couldn’t. Isn’t there any other way?”
“Ask your husband to meet me tomorrow. We will personally sort it out.” I knew about the dumbass and he wouldn’t mind to give up his lady if I use the right tool. Moreover, with what she told me, he was good for nothing it seems.
Raul, Stella’s husband came to meet me the next day. It was true beauties often fall for the sickos and she wasn’t no different. The guy seemed nothing to be worthy enough to fall in love or abandon her parents to get married to him.
He looked short compared to my six feet tall figure and quite weak not only in his body but mind too. Before, I could utter the word cops he almost fell at my feet.
“Sir, please don’t do anything like that. Tell me whatever I can do, I will try my best to give the money back,” Raul pleaded.
When I asked him to offer his wife instead, he stood stunned but didn’t object much as I had guessed in the first place. To save her husband, Stella should agree and she loves him dearly was what I thought on the way to their house.
It was already 9:00 p.m. when we reached his independent house that stood at a lonely, cosy place in the city. The surrounding trees had a pleasant appeal and I was more than just being aroused at the moment. Soon, Stella would be in bed most probably with minimal clothing or none at all exposing all her feminine assets to my hungry eyes.
She would be serving me tonight and her husband has to stand guard outside while listening to his wife’s occasional moans from the bedroom. Believe me, having sex with a girl is hot but fucking someone else’s pretty wife when her husband is watching is plain bliss.
Raul entered the house first and I waited outside patiently for his sign. After the usual arguments and few rattling noises within, he came outside and said, “Stella agreed, sir.”
I smiled.
Of course, she should.
So, here I am inside the bedroom waiting as she entered the door. She locked the door from within and kept staring at the floor. Her eyes were red from the constant crying but she was fresh after a bath and ready for me. Her red jacket with dotted designs and the bangles accompanied with fresh flowers just added to her beauty.
I walked over to her and without waiting for her approval bent lower for a deep kiss. I don’t know if she hated me for what I was doing to her or not! All I wanted was her beautiful body and it was there for me. She didn’t respond nor protest either. A good sign to start off! Without switching off the lights, I led her to the bed and planted another kiss while she stood helpless in my grip.
“Sir, please…I will do anything else to repay but not this,” Stella pleaded as her final shield to stop me from depriving her chastity.
“Stella…” I said in a stern voice and she meekly went silent without a word. From then on, it was all mine. Patience is a virtue, I sure know that but my hard, throbbing cock didn’t. It wanted to see Stella in all her naked glory and I obliged.
Her jacket came off first along with my hand followed by her blouse and skirt. We never spoke a word but she co-operated reluctantly to my moves. I almost ripped the long cloth off her body and tossed her blouse to the corner.
Sitting in her bra and panty, Stella looked too hot to resist. Her fair skin glowed in the light with sweat beads around her neck and cleavage. I softly caressed her cheeks and cupped her chin. When I moved close for a kiss, she stared at the door as we heard soft footsteps. Maybe, Raul is anxiously waiting outside, I thought.
When I proceeded to remove her bra and panty, she remained calm. But, her senses were all fixed to the door and the light outside that clearly said her husband was wide awake. It was no wonder Stella felt extremely uncomfortable to let me have sex with her when her man stood outside. It was quite embarrassing from her point of view.
As soon as I thought that, I smiled at her. And, she looked at me with a puzzled look and also realized I had almost read her mind.
I walked up to the door and opened it wide. Raul was standing quite close to it and was shocked with surprise to see me standing without my shirt on. His eyes grew wide when he caught a glimpse of his naked wife sitting in the bed. Stella realized her mistake quite late and frantically covered her with a bedsheet.
“Raul, I guess Stella feels too guilty with you around. Can you leave us alone for awhile?”
He stood like a statue when I stuffed a few hundred dollar notes in his hand. “And, switch off the lights please.”
I entered the bedroom after Raul left the house locking it from outside. I wasn’t sure but I saw a slight sense of relief in Stella when she was assured that her husband isn’t around to hear her or see her being fucked by another man.
I wasted no time in undressing myself and minutes later Stella started responding back. “All women are the same” I read somewhere, “when they are aroused the right way.”
At first, she wasn’t but slowly the passion within her body flooded out. After long passionate smooches, I devoured her ample breasts sucking her erect nipples. Her body responded to my touch and when I fingered her clit, she gave up.
“Ugghh…no… please…aahhahhh,” she moaned out of passion as her orgasm flooded throughout her body.
I ogled at her near perfect body that defined curvaceous sexiness all over. Her breasts slightly heaved up and down as she breathed trying to regain conscious from her orgasmic bliss. I trailed kisses along her body and finally reached her trimmed pussy lips. I lapped it up softly as Stella uttered soft moans and wiggled in the bed.
She wasn’t a slut as I knew her very well but she might have been deprived of pleasure. Or maybe didn’t feel so secure with her husband. Whatever it might be, she is willing now….
My thoughts came to a sudden halt when I spotted a pair of eyes in the dark. Raul…What the hell is he doing here? My fit of rage subdued when I realized he was spying on his own wife getting fucked by her boss. Such a cheap son of gun, but who cares!
Let him see his beautiful wife being fucked hard and to the core by me. If that’s what he want, to her moans of pleasure and groans of discomfort at times. He sure is going to see me enjoy his lawfully wedded wife and see her supple legs around me when I pound her deep!
My arousal increased two fold and I moved close to Stella. Her pouting lips were inviting and partially opened. I kissed her hard while my two hands were busy fondling her breasts, one on each. I placed my hard cock right on her mouth and signaled her to open it. After slightly persuading, she opened up and took my cock into her wet mouth. I was in no mood for slow strokes and straight away grabbed her head.
Almost gagging Stella, I started thrusting my cock into her mouth while she tried to protest weakly. My thickness stuffed her entire mouth and she was trying her best to accomodate it. Satisfied with her reponse, I then spread her legs wider while positioning myself in between for a comfortable missionary position act.
Stella grabbed my upper arm tightly for support and squealed when my thick cock entered her pussy. Being a young married woman, she was still tight enough to make any man cum within seconds and it was a pleasure fucking her.
I increased my pace randomly from strong, deep thrusts to slow, soft thrusts which provoked her horniness all the more. “ughh…ugghh,” Stella kept panting as I continued fucking her to my heart’s content.
When I wanted to change my position to doggy style, I withdrew myself out and patted her hips. Like a obedient slut, she turned over and stood on all fours. My sinister plan didn’t fail as within a short time, she caught her husband’s eyes spying us from the open window. Her guiltiness overtook her once again and she tried to hide her face in the pillow.
But, I forcefully scooted her back to position and fucked her for all she’s worth. Her dangling boobs were convenient for me to grab as a support while she dutifully served her role as my private bitch. Unable to control her passion, she moaned loudly indicating her next approaching orgasm.
“Ohhh….god,” was all she managed to say before I turned her over to face me. I planted another kiss on her come-kiss-me lips before making her sit on my lap. The fucking continued for what seemed like a long time before I decided to cum inside her in missionary position. Switching over to make her lie on her back, I once again lifted her legs onto my shoulders and penetrated her wet pussy.
This time, her inhibitions had left her completely and Stella co-operated almost willingly. She wrapped her hands tight around my back as I fucked her mercilessly. My each hump was rewarded by a grunt from her side.
“Oh…Stella,” with a final push I unloaded my cum inside her and released myself from her grip. As soon as the moment went away, Stella went to her guilt concubine and scooted far away from me. I moved closer and spooned onto her back.
“Stella, I didn’t mean to spoil your chastity nor break your integrity. But, trust me. I have more to offer if you agree to be only mine,” I concluded. “Meet me private in office tomorrow.”
It wasn’t the best time to make decisions but Stella feebly nodded which was a partial agreement or it was what I thought.
I dressed up to leave and before opening the door of the bedroom, I pulled her up for a kiss once again. When I opened the door, I found her husband standing like a stranger in his own house with a visible bulge in his pants.
“Sick and useless,” I thought to myself before leaving the house. I am sure he didn’t care much about his wife and before I reach my home he might be fuck her more than once to satiate his lust whether or not she wanted it

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